With its extensive experience in the R&D field, Baultar can develop, upon request, a range of products to meet the needs of its clients. Baultar knows how to find the right solution to solve problems in the transportation and architectural markets.

Here are some solutions developed specifically on a project basis, that are presently offered to all of Baultar's clients:


  • Stair Coverings


    The steps of passenger trains, locomotives, and subway stations can be covered with our Abrastop™ for durability and enhanced security. The high resistance of the Abrastop™ suits this area, which is constantly used by many people.

    Lines made ​​of silicon carbide may be added to the steps in order to increase the Abrastop™ slip-resistance power. Integrated photoluminescent markings allow people to move around safely, even in the absence of light.





  • Platform Edges


    Our platform edges are made from our Abrastop™ floor covering for an exceptional life cycle. They enhance the boarding dock at the place of the landing doors. Easy to install and clean, the Abrastop™ is easy to repair, waterproof, and provides an excellent grip. Wear resistant, the platform edges can replace the asphalt pavement at these locations. This product is durable, economical, and perfectly adapted to the platform edges of metro stations.






  • Emergency Deployable Steps


    Deployable steps are a practical and adaptable solution developed by Baultar which allows safe passenger evacuation in case of an emergency and/or if a train needs to stop between stations. 


    • Features photoluminescent marking

    • AddGRIP (anti-slip) surface

    • Supports 500 lbs



    • Sizes adapted to specific needs

    • Easy to assemble/disassemble

    • 2 or 3 steps depending on vehicle height

    • Low weight

    • Compact design for easy storage






  • AddGRIP Evacuation Ramps


    The AddGRIP™ Evacuation Ramps have been specifically built for the mass transit industry. They are specifically designed to facilitate the evacuation of passengers (including passengers with a disability) in emergency situations where the train stops between stations. Baultar’s ramps are built using lightweight and extremely durable materials including aluminum, composite materials, and carbon fibres, which means they can easily be deployed by one person. The ramps are fitted with anti-skid covering, wheel guards, beveled transition platforms at each end, and a hooking system to securely fix the ramps to the door’s threshold.






  • Inter-Station Paths


    Baultar offers adapted solutions to cover paths for users and maintenance personnel in subway or train tunnels. Our inter-station paths cover the existing concrete slabs that are sometimes broken, or the surface of which is covered with water and residues from the cracks in the walls of tunnels. 

    This product, in its standard version, is about 750 mm wide and approximately 40 mm high. It allows staff and, in an emergency case, users to circulate safely, without risk of slipping due to the accumulation of water or limestone residues. Like all our products, dimensions and characteristics can be adapted to meet specific client needs.