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Abrastop Floor Covering

Abrastop™ is a highly durable floor covering designed for mass transit applications. The product is composed of coloured aggregates wrapped in a thermoset resin with a fibre support. Panels overlap small gaps to facilitate the installation process. Abrastop™ has been widely used since 1985. We also offer Abrastop™ WR, a lighter version of Abrastop.

Abrastop Foam Flooring System

The Abrastop™ Foam Lite, the Abrastop™ Foam Lite Heated, and the Abrastop™ Foam HD flooring systems consist of highly resistant floor coverings with lightweight or heavy-duty subfloors, respectively. These systems can be easily installed in five simple steps.

Flooring Options

Baultar's flooring options are varied and offer many choices for customization, such as phosphorescent bands, tactile bands, silicon carbide strips, and other AddGRIP surfaces. All of our flooring solutions conform to fire, smoke, and toxicity standards for the mass transit market.

Adapted Solutions

With its extensive experience in the field of R&D, Baultar develops, on demand, a range of products to meet the needs of its clients. Baultar knows how to find the right solution to solve the problems in the transportation and architectural markets.