Baultar does business with companies in the markets of transit, rail freight, and architecture from everywhere around the world. Our Abrastop™ floor coverings and Abrastop™ Foam flooring systems are used in the industry and are renowned for their durability, their adaptability, their security features, and the low cost of their life cycle. Find below some of the projects we have completed:

  • Monorails

    King Abdullah

    For the construction of the King Abdullah monorail in Dubai in Saudi Arabia, lightness was one of the key criteria in the choice of product. Baultar was selected to deliver the Abrastop™ Foam Lite 13 mm for the 12 cars of this monorail. 

    Tourism Company in Florida

    A tourism company in Florida chose Abrastop™ for the modernization of its monorail vehicles. This entertainment park, which hosts thousands of people every day, faced a serious problem with bad odours in its vehicles because the floors were carpeted. Abrastop™ floor coverings were installed in each of the 72 vehicles to fix the problem, improving passenger satisfaction during their travels on the site.


    The Abrastop™ Foam Lite was chosen to equip the 378 Bombardier Innovia vehicles of the São Paulo Metrô monorail.  

    The lightness of the product was very important for the renewal of the fleet of São Paulo metro vehicles. This is why the Abrastop™ Foam Lite 13 mm flooring system was found to be the optimal solution for this major project. 


    Metrô Sao Paulo.jpg



  • Subways

    British Columbia Rapid Transit Company

    For almost 25 years, the British Columbia Rapid Transit Company (BCRTC) has used Baultar Abrastop™ products to cover the floors of its Skytrain vehicles. This began in 1990, with the installation of Abrastop floor coverings in 36 Mark I vehicles. The BCRTC was satisfied with the performance of Baultar's floor covering.

    In 2008, the transportation company, located in Vancouver, remained satisfied with Baultar's products and decided to install the Abrastop™ floor covering in 48 Mark-II vehicules. Baultar will soon deliver a new batch of Abrastop™ for 24 cars of this kind of metro.

    Sistema de Transporte Colectivo

    Like many other major cities in the world, Mexico can count on the reliability of the Baultar floor covering in its mass transit vehicles. The Sistema de Transporte Colectivo trusted Baultar when the time came to choose a provider to cover the floors of its two metro lines. In three years, Baultar delivered all the necessary components so that their 827 cars could benefit from Abrastop™ with a composite subfloor. 

    Toronto Transit Commission

    The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) wished to integrate guidance strips for visually impaired persons into the floors of 300 new cars in its subway system. The durability of the product was an important criterion in the choice of the flooring solution.

    The choice of Abrastop™ with guidance strips was evident because it met all the requirements of the customer. A first contract for 234 cars was given to Baultar. Thereafter, Baultar was mandated to provide Abrastop™ for 186 new cars. 60 new cars should also be ordered by the TTC soon.



    Société de transport de Montréal

    The Société de transport de Montreal (STM) has trusted Baultar since the company's beginnings: the STM was the first customer to order the Abrastop floor covering in 1985. Thus, from 1985 to 1993, the flooring of the company's 759 existing cars was replaced with Abrastop™. 

    Satisfied with the durability, the appearance, and the ease of cleaning of the Abrastop™ floor covering, the STM is now once again dealing with Baultar as it replaces its entire fleet of metro vehicles. The Abrastop™ Foam Lite system will be installed in all 468 new cars of the STM's fleet.


    In addition to choosing the Abrastop™ Foam Lite flooring system for all the new cars of its subways, the Société de transport de Montréal has installed the Abrastop™ in 30 ticket booths, and in fifteen of its station elevators. The durability of the composite floors produced by Baultar convinced this client to establish a long-term relationship with our company. As a result, Baultar's floors have been used by the passengers travelling on the STM network since 1985. 

  • Passengers Trains


    From 2008 to 2021, Baultar has provided Abrastop™ Foam for 720 cabins of the SNCF Francilien. Baultar proposed an innovative solution by making the cabin floor in several pre-assembled modules, which included sound and vibration insulation. Ease of installation, reliability, and easy maintenance of the product were all decisive factors in the choice of flooring system. 


    Since 1996, the Toronto commuter train Metrolinx has chosen Baultar for its new bi-levels vehicles, as well as for one that is under renovation. Thus, Abrastop™ has been installed in the aisles of over 700 vehicles. Baultar also installed a covering with photoluminescent strips and Abrastop™ with photoluminescent strips to improve safety in cars.

    RTD Denver



    The Regional Transportation District of Denver wanted to make repairs to its 15 light rail vehicles to fix a problem of degradation of the original floor. Baultar proposed Abrastop™ Foam Lite to them, and this option was chosen by the company. This project is still ongoing. 



  • Shuttles

    LTA Singapore

    The Land Transport Authority of Singapore was looking for an easy-to-clean and durable floor for its automated APM shuttles. The company's choice turned to Baultar, who delivered the Abrastop™ for 19 APM and 41 Crystal Movers shuttles. Since the client is satisfied with the results by the floor already installed, Baultar delivered its Abrastop™ flooring for 13 additional APM shuttles. 

    Dulles Airport

    Baultar installed its Abrastop™ floor covering in 30 automated APM shuttles at Washington international airport in Dulles. These shuttles are used to transport passengers from one boarding to another. The large amount of passengers who travel daily requires the use of a durable floor covering such as Abrastop™.

  • Rail Freight

    CSX Transportation

    The Abrastop™ Foam HD flooring system is now installed in more than 250 CSX locomotives. The company chose Baultar in the context of renovations to replace its old flooring, which was composed of plywood covered with rubber.

    Product durability was the major reason why the CSX company chose Abrastop™ Foam HD, since this feature would result in significant long-term savings. The waterproofing of the floor system, which eliminates cabin odours, and the ease of cleaning, were also features that conquered the CSX.

    Baultar also provides the company with metal edges and latches for access trapdoors.



  • Subway Stairs


    One of the projects that Baultar completed for the SNCF in France was the installation of Abrastop™ steps with anti-slip nose and guidance strips. The first installation of this product was made in the Evry/Courcouronne station. Other stations have subsequently been equipped in the same way, for example the Gare du Nord, which includes more than 25 stairs. Regularly, the SNCF uses Baultar products to cover the floors of its metro stations.


    Marches de station.jpg


    The RATP has often asked Baultar to find durable products for its stations. A few years ago, it chose to install Abrastop™ floor covering steps with anti-slip nose and guide strips in the République metro station.

    During the repair of platforms, it also decided to install Abrastop™ floor covering platform edges in 27 subway stations of its line 1. These are used as structural support for platforms, in addition to providing a non-slip surface and delineated the platform side thanks to its contrasting white colour. 


    The STIB-Station in Brussels wanted to integrate photoluminescent markings into the existing granite stairs of one of its stations. Thus, Baultar was chosen to install its product at Place Rogier.

    In the end, this new customer was very satisfied with the performance of this product, which had been installed for a security purpose. For 10 years now, all of the new stations of STIB-Station have been equipped with Baultar photoluminescent markings.