Do you have any questions about Abrastop™ floor coverings? Please take a look at our list of frequently asked questions below for answers.
Should you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • General

    Where can I install Abrastop floor coverings?

    The floor coverings are designed for all locations that have significant human traffic: vehicles, entrances, elevators, and other buildings/halls.

    What are the maximum dimensions of the floors?

    The maximum size of each Abrastop™ panel is 1.5 metres by 3 metres. A watertight seal links the panels. 

    Can I choose the colour of my Abrastop floor coverings?

    Yes, we offer over 50 colours of Abrastop™ in our catalogue. We can also, if required, develop colours upon request.

    Is Abrastop Foam a structural floor?

    Yes, our Abrastop™ Foam Lite, Abrastop™ Foam Lite Heated, and Abrastop™ Foam HD flooring systems are structural floors. They are designed to support the weight of passengers, without needing to add an additional subfloor.

  • Life cycle

    What is the life cycle of Baultar flooring?

    In some places, our floor coverings have been in use for more than 30 years. We estimate the life cycle of our floor coverings to be at least 40 years. 

    Is it possible to repair the Abrastop floor coverings?

    Although requests to repair Abrastop™ floor coverings are rare, Baultar does offer specially designed repair kits. These kits are available in different formats to make spot repairs. They are also available in different colours to perfectly match the original floor coverings.


  • Maintenance

    What is the required frequency of cleaning?

    We recommend cleaning the floor every week, depending on use.

    Do you recommend a particular cleaner?

    For cleaning, we recommend using a biodegradable detergent designed specifically for Abrastop™: Nu-Link™. This detergent is gentle on the floor and does not lead to premature wear, yet it allows for easy dissolution of dirt that is encrusted in the floor. 

  • Global Presence

    Are you represented elsewhere?

    To offer you outstanding service, we have representatives located around the world. Here are the coordinates of the representatives who will be pleased to offer you more information about Baultar products.

    Sales Representatives:



    Mass transit
    Company        Fox Sales, Bringing Innovative Products
    Agent    Tom Fox
    Phone    +1 (267) 253 1046



    Mass transit and freight
    Agent          Paul Frank
    Address   P.O. Box 156
        Lake Delton
        WI 53940-0156
    Phone    +1 (608) 495 5305



    Company    Mason Grogan Industrial
    Agent   Brian Glendinning  |  Technical Sales Manager
    Address   108-110 Carnarvon Street, Silverwater NSW 2128
        PO Box 6286, Silverwater NSW 2128
    Phone   +61 2 9364 1708
    Mobile   +61 (0) 407 729 127



    Companhia        Technomaster
    Agente    Guaraci Hiotte Jr.
    Endereço   Rua São Luiz Gonzaga, 555 - Gr. 201
        São Cristóvão, CEP 20.910-061
        Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil
    Tel.    +(55) 21 2580-4001
    Cel.   +(55) 21 99995-9866



    Compañía        RYMSA
    Agente    César Chavarría
    Dirección   Lago Poniente 16, Despacho 104,
        Col. Américas Unidas, Delegación Benito Juárez
        C.P. 03610, México D.F.
    Teléfonos    5532 8848 y 5672 7844



    Company        Union Australia Group Pty Ltd (Taipei Office)
    Agent    Tina Lien
    Address   8F-5, No. 189, Sec 2, Keelung Rd, Taipei 11054, Taiwan R.O.C
    Phone    +(886) 2 2378 7977 #155
    Mobile   +(886) 988 352 457
    Fax   +(886) 2 2378 7986