To better serve customers around the world, Baultar works with locally based market partners. The company specialises in the manufacturing of seats and floors that are specially designed for the transportation market, as well as in the research and development of accessories and customized solutions. Baultar has been established in this market since 1984 and has been recognized for the quality of its products.



Mass Transit

Whether for use in buses, light rail, heavy rail, monorail, or commuter rail, Baultar’s specialised solutions are designed to meet your needs.  

Baultar floors meet market standards to ensure the safety of passengers. The company also offers ergonomic seating solutions for the well-being of public transportation drivers. 


Rail Freight

Baultar's specialized products meet the special conditions of this industry.

Baultar manufactures flooring solutions, driver's seats, and cabin third seats that are specially adapted for this market.



Baultar offers platform edges for metro stations, stairs with photoluminescent strips, and composite frames for electrical insulation, among other products, for all places where conditions require resistant products.