Since its creation, Baultar has put its expertise to the service of its clients, offering them the best solutions to meet their needs. These years of outstanding service have included a number of important events:


Creation of Baultar by Bruno Archambault. The company offers products to solve problems in locomotives.

First business opportunity arises by solving a problem of locks for the doors of passenger cars in Canadian National cabins.


First major project to improve the ergonomics of driving cabs in CN trains (Canadian National Railway Company).


Baultar's potential customer base increases with the obtention of contracts for Canadian Pacific and Via Rail.


Development of R&D and manufacturing. Outsourcing partners.


Acquisition of Fibre Donnite, which becomes the Baultar flooring division. Beginning of flooring project for the STCUM (a company that was facing a major problem with the flooring it had in place).

Note: The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) was created in 2002 to replace the Société de Transport de la Communauté Urbaine de Montréal (STCUM). 


Development of the flooring system in collaboration with the NRCC (National Research Council Canada).

Development of a new product: the "horn shroud."

1994 – 2000

Growth of the business by the obtention of the first major projects.


The business moves to Windsor.


Major restructuration of the operational team and alignment of the corporate values according to Toyota principles.

New retractable seating project.


First installation of the Abrastop™ Foam at the RATP (Régie autonome des transports parisiens).

Beginning of the production of the Series 5000 seat, developed for the RTC (Réseau de transport de la capitale).


Investment of $4 million in a new factory dedicated to the manufacturing of composite floors. 34 new jobs are created in this new factory in Windsor, Quebec.

Beginning of the 4000 Series seating project


Simon Archambault, son of the founder, takes over the company and becomes CEO of Baultar. 


Baultar celebrates its 30th anniversary!

This is a year of great change for the company, as a more spacious factory that is better adapted to the production of composite floors is inaugurated. Several projects of new product development also get underway, for both flooring and seating solutions. The company employs 95 people.  


Baultar presents a new operator's seat prototype for the European marketThe Baultar SITI seat is designed to meet the safety standards of this market.