Baultar Seating Solutions develops and manufactures ergonomic and modular seating solutions for transit and rail operators. These seats are robust, and will last for many years even if their conditions of use are more stringent. Baultar Seating Solutions also produces specialty seats for train cabins:

• Series 3300 drivers' seats for rail freight
Series 3500 drivers' seats for rail freight
Series 4000 drivers' seats for rail freight and transit
Folding and retractable seats for extra crew seating

The company also offers its customers many practical accessories for train cabins:

Tray cup holder 
Container dispenser
Retractable writing tray
Holder cab form F.R.A.

Baultar can develop customized products for specialized applications. Among other products, the company has developed deployable emergency steps to ensure safe passenger evacuation in case of train stoppage between stations, and these steps are now one of the standard products offered by the company. 

To learn more about the features of Baultar seats, please visit Baultar Seating Solutions.