Baultar Flooring Solutions develops and manufactures floor coverings and flooring systems for the mass transit, rail, and infrastructure markets. The floor coverings and flooring systems are sustainable and adaptable to individual projects.

AbrastopTM WR Floor covering
AbrastopTM Floor covering
AbrastopTM Foam flooring system
AbrastopTM Foam Lite flooring system

These products can be equipped with many options, such as photoluminescent markings, anti-slip strips, pictograms, guidance strips, etc. 

Baultar also offers many products for the architectural industry. These products are made of Abrastop for maximum strength and durability, and include:

Inter-station paths
Platform edges
Deployable emergency steps
Stair coverings for stations

All Baultar products are recognized for their exceptional durability and their compliance with the most stringent safety standards in the transportation market.

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