The 3300 series operator's seat is distinguished by its compactness. The seat and backrest are shorter, but offer as much comfort as our other operator's seats for rail vehicles. The 3300 series seat can also be used as a booster seat in some cabs.

  • Benefits



    • Optimized for maximum compactness. Perfect for small passenger cabs. 
    • Developed to provide maximum satisfaction for operators. 
    • Rises continuously, which allows for better adjustment for operators of all sizes. 
    • Reduction of vibrations results in less back discomfort than is normally experienced by operators. 




    • Reduces health/safety issues related to working conditions for operators. 
    • Robustness proven for many years. 
    • Has undergone tests to meet market standards and has been certified. 


    • Designed to last at least 16 years. Since 1981, the durability of this model has been experienced by rail customers
    • Ease of repair. Its parts can be replaced individually. 
    • Can be given a second life: The seat can be modified and transformed into an office chair in our factory. 
    • All of its metal parts are recycled at the end of the seat's life cycle. 


    • Offers unmatched reliability. 
    • Reduces health/safety costs. 
    • Standardized components. 
    • Economical when the cost is calculated over the seat's useful life. 
    • Satisfies operators who do not accept any compromises when it comes to comfort. 


    • Offers full modularity for the wellness of each operator. 
    • Features standardized components (interfaces). 
    • Addresses ergonomic concerns. 


    • Different configurations are available depending on the layout of your cab and your requirements.  
    • As a result of its extensive experience in research and development, Baultar can modify the seat to better meet your needs


  • Available Configurations




    The pedestal allows for quick and easy seat installation. It occupies little space in the cab, as it is placed directly under the seat. 

    rail 3500.JPG     

    Wall Track

    The wall track easily moves the seat backward and forward using a slide. With this system, cleaning the cab is facilitated since nothing touches the ground. 

    The wall track also makes the work of the operator safer, since it allows him to step back and lie on the ground should an object come crashing through the front window of the train. 


  • Specifications


    The 3300 seat meets the standards of rail freight.


    Main standards met:

    • Fire (upholstery) FMVSS 302 (49 CFR 238, App. B optional)
    • Fire (foam) FMVSS 302, California TB 117
    • Smoke (upholstery) Ds (4.0) ≤ 200

    Please contact us to obtain more information about our test-results.


    3300 Series seat exploded view:

    AS98-3624 siege 3300 document présentation (4).jpg