Considering the preservation of the environment as a fundamental aspect of the social responsibility to which the company is attached, Baultar’s management is committed to preventing pollution by constantly reducing the impact the company has on the environment.

Baultar's management intends to comply with legal requirements as well as other compliance obligations related to environmental aspects and undertakes to set a strategic objective annually for improving environmental management. They ask all managers in the organization, in collaboration with their employees, to show vigilance and responsibility with regards to improving working methods, considering the impact of products over their entire life cycle, and avoiding the use of dangerous products, thus reducing environmental risks, material waste, and energy waste.

Baultar's management is committed to planning and directing the activities necessary to maintain the ISO 14001: 2015 standard. To do this, the company implements environmental programs, sets performance targets, and gives itself the means to achieve them. Baultar's environmental policy is reviewed annually.