Baultar's flooring options are varied and offer many choices for customization, such as phosphorescent bands, tactile bands, silicon carbide strips, and other AddGRIP surfaces. Our floor coverings conform to fire, smoke, and toxicity mass transit market standards. 

  • High Performance Marking System

    The company's high performance marking system, integrated with the Abrastop™ floor covering, helps passengers identify exit paths during an emergency, even under conditions of darkness and/or smoke. Photoluminescent pigments previously charged by natural and/or artificial light begin to glow and remain visible for more than 90 minutes, thereby facilitating passenger evacuation. 


    • Meets APTA standards. 

    • Meets fire, smoke, and toxicity standards.



    • Easy to clean. 

    • No electrical source required. 

    • No maintenance.





    • Exit paths can be defined and adjusted according to client needs. 


  • Integrated Logos

    Baultar offers the possibility of integrating symbols, logos, and other types of information into its flooring solutions. It's a simple, durable, and practical way to share information with passengers. 






  • Guidance Strips

    Thanks to their embossed texture, guidance strips provide direction for visually impaired people to facilitate their movements within the vehicle. 


             podo_rouge_rond.png          3D_Bands_round_1.png


  • Cove Mouldings


    The company offers cove mouldings made with Abrastop. These allow for a smooth transition between the floor and wall, and facilitates surface cleaning. 






  • Slip-Resistant Strips


    Made using elevated strips or an embossed pattern, these slip-resistant strips offer a better grip on the floor at specific locations. The visual colour contrast meets ADA requirements.