The Siti seat – Tailor-made for European markets!

The Siti seat has been designed to meet European requirements for comfort, safety, and durability. This seat is perfectly suited for the rail transportation market and meets the highest standards of this market.


  • Benefits


    • Optimized backrest curvature provides maximum comfort with no need for adjustments. 
    • Seat controls and adjustments use ergonomically designed handles. 
    • Efficiency of support in the lumbar area is maintained regardless of backrest angle. 
    • Occupant comfort in the seat is provided by a contoured curve, ensuring even weight distribution with no adverse pressure points. 
    • Armrests maintain ergonomic positioning following adjustments to the angle of the seat's base. 


    • Uncomfortable vibrations and risk of complications associated with the lowest natural frequency of the suspension are reduced.
    • Complies with European standards.
    • Allows for rapid cab evacuation.
    • Features optimized backrest curve, which promotes good back posture in any situation.
    • Suspension adjusts to the weight of the operator and helps to avoid any retransmitted shocks.


    • Integrates with vehicles of any type: locomotive, tram, train outline, tram-train hybrid, etc.
    • Backrest tilts forward freely in order to reduce the impact of limited space in the cab.
    • Offers the most desirable seat behaviour under all operational conditions. 
    • Small suspension footprint improves integration in various types of cabs.

     Easy to maintain

    • Seat design results in simplified ease of installation, removal and upgrades by rail maintenance staff. 
    • Offers simplicity and accessibility of all serviceable components.
    • Quick and easy seat cushion covers and foams.



    • Designed to withstand the specific conditions of rail transport.
    • Subjected to a series of rigorous tests that demonstrate compliance of its lifetime behaviour.


  • Available Configurations


    The Siti seat includes these configurations, allowing for maximum safety and comfort for operators.

    It is also possible to adapt the seat and make it compliant with the needs of transportation companies.





    The suspension adjusts to the weight of the operator, which helps the seat to never reach the run ends and to avoid any retransmitted shocks. The suspension is made of robust components.

    Siti_suspension_up.png Siti_suspension_middle.png



  • Specifications


    Conforms to the new European NF 45500 standards for fire and smoke generation resistance.

    Features a rapidly stowed armrest that can be pushed aside with a simple hand or leg movement (no knob or handle is required), and an automatic unlocking feature for the backrest, all of which permit the operator to rapidly evacuate the cab. 


    dossier-baultar-siti.jpg       appuie-bras-baultar-siti.jpg


    Equipped with folding armrests and an adjustable backrest for enhanced safety.